We help increase accessibility for those with limited English in our community by providing English for Citizenship Classes, training for interpreters and cultural competency training for organizations employing or serving diverse populations.

“I loved everything! I will take this with me and use it always. This course changes the way I have done everything, for the better.”
-Bridging the Gap Participant

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Catherine Anderson
Interpreter and Cultural Competency Training

Maria Rodriguez
Interpreter Services

English for Citizenship

JVS offers a 40 hour English for Citizenship course for individuals working towards obtaining their citizenship. Students attending class can live in Missouri or Kansas. For more information on class schedule and eligibility, contact canders@jvskc.org



  1. Interpreter Training

Professional interpreters gain the skills they need through several course options.

    • The Community Interpreter International (™) course offers 40 hours of community interpreter training for the beginning and intermediate interpreter who wants to work in the field of social services, education or municipal court interpreting. This includes working in agencies serving the limited-English-proficient community such as JVS, schools, government agencies, other refugee resettlement agencies, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, or other legal services. These are just a few examples.
  • Q & A Community Interpreter
  • Community Interpreting Application
    • The Bridging the Gap (™) course offers 40 hours of healthcare interpreter training for the beginning and intermediate interpreter who wants to work in the field of healthcare. The field includes working in a hospital, a clinic, a dental office, a nursing home, or in the health office of a school. These are just a few examples.

Bridging The Gap Application

Q & A Bridging the Gap

Cultural Competency Training

By helping your employees understand the dynamics of culture among those who are new to the United States, JVS helps build a bridge between your organization and the people you serve. Cultural Competency training is adapted to the needs of your organization. Please contact Catherine Anderson for more details.

Contact: canders@jvskc.org


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