JVS provides a host of services to help refugees adapt to – and succeed in – the workplace, including helping area employers define and develop opportunities in the workforce.

“Life in the U.S. for the first year was like an exam. JVS helped us pass the test!” -Hanadi, Syrian refugee

Refugee Employment Services

Pre-job Placement Services include:

  • Work readiness training
  • Individual employment planning and counseling
  • Skills assessments
  • Job search skills
  • Application tutoring
  • Mock interviewing
  • Transportation (as needed)
  • Interpretation/Translation (as needed)
  • Direct referral to employers posting full and part-time permanent positions.

Additional Services

Retention and follow-up services are provided to individuals following job placement. These services are geared towards resolving acculturation difficulties specific to the workplace.


Thank you for your gift to JVS. You make our work possible.