Seventy-five years ago, in response to the devastation of WWII, members of the Kansas City Jewish community rallied support for and welcomed Jewish displaced persons in search of a new life. Today, JVS continues to honor the commitment of our founders and uphold the Jewish value to heal the world by welcoming all refugees and immigrants to our community.


Encourages prosperity and economic stability through education, employment and entrepreneurship.


Empowers all people to contribute to their community, and encourages community accessibility and inclusivity.


Engages individuals in activities that promote healthy bodies, minds and relationships.


Over 70 years of service to the community

Client Testimonials

I have enjoyed working at the Kansas City Zoo so much that I have requested and received extra hours on my shift.


I hope for a good life for my children. There is a lot of opportunity for them. I am so happy and thankful for that.

Myat Myat

I hope for my family's good health. I want for all of them to find their happiness. I hope to continue to study and go to college and have a successful future on our own here in the U.S.

Hanadi Almanseur