Section 1: Overview and Purpose of Position 

RSS Team Lead (TL) serves as the team supervisor for RSS case workers and coordinates  with other JVS staff and community partners to deliver culturally appropriate services for refugees and other eligible clients under the Refugee Support Services (RSS) and Services for Older Refugee (SOR) grants. Services are provided to clients with a goal of self-sufficiency. TL must be willing and able to contribute to a team approach to case management and adapt to frequent population, policy, and procedure change

Section 2: Qualifications (skills, education, experience)

Associates degree is preferred. 

Minimum of 3 years experience working in a social service field or related capacity with culturally diverse clients. 

Valid driver license with classification appropriate to operate JVS vehicles, valid auto insurance, clean driving record with no moving violations within the past three years.

Section 3: Responsibilities/Dues 


● Be available for support and advocacy and act as a resource for assigned staff. Fill in

for staff in the department as needed.

● Provide weekly coaching of direct reports.

● Review caseloads to ensure staff is working at capacity.

● Data collection is required for internal reporting and reporting to funders. 


Client Focused 

Complete intake and assessment forms for all clients referred to the RSS or SOR program, or emergency walk-ins, as needed. 

Complete FSSP with mutually agreed upon goals for all clients. 

Ensure clients are enrolled in all eligible programming. 

Refer clients to public services and other agencies as needed. 

Meet with clients on a regular basis to identify and address client concerns

 Report problematic cases as early as possible for intervention 

Serve as interpreter for clients on an as needed basis 

Participate in client outreach to identify individuals who are eligible RSS and SOR and enroll them in programing 

Participate in development and implementation of classes geared towards client education in navigating complex systems 

Follow and abide by all policy and regulations of case management and ethical standards. 


Seek, establish, and maintain collaborative relationships with internal and external service providers. 

Collaborate with JVS Employment Services, Medical Coordinator, Social work, Immigraon and Language and Cultural Services as needed 

Engage in following up with referrals to ensure that clients are actively engaged in services. 

Participate in a JVS committee. 

Reporting and Continuing Education 

Maintain all required documents in case files, including regular case notes. 

Submit information as requested for trimester reporting. 

Participate in regularly sharing client and program success stories. 

Attend regular webinars and/or training for continuing education. 

Other dues as assigned

Section 4: Skills Needed

Strong organizational and me management skills, with a proven ability to meet deadlines; able to effectively prioritize, delegate, and execute multiple tasks. 

Ability to be self-directed and highly flexible in daily work.

Ability to work effectively in an environment that is multicultural and multilingual. 

Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to develop positive working relationships with both internal and external collaborators. 

Strong computer skills and proficiency in Word, Excel, Google Docs and internet-based communication.

Section 5: Working Conditions and Physical Effort 

Hours- regular schedule 

Regular travel to client homes, community events and service providers in personal vehicle with mileage reimbursement 

Home Visits 

Much of the work is typically performed in an interior temperature-controlled office work environment. Position requires prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer. 

Some work may be performed at community sites such as other agency offices, schools, libraries, and other public meeting places. Employees may experience exposure to temperature extremes when in training situations, in a car, and while traveling to contacts outside of the agency facility. 

Use of cell phone is also required with partial reimbursement by agency.

Salary Range: $36,857-$41,000