Provide case management, enrollment services, and follow-up services for economically disadvantaged Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth, including persons with disabilities. These customers will be assigned after acceptance by the Enrollment Committee and shall have a designated caseload as assigned by the Director of Career Services/Functional Leader of the designated Job Center. Assigned customers must receive follow-up services every thirty (30) days during training and post-employment to ensure training completion and job retention. The Career Services Specialist will also provide expertise and serve as a resource person to the workforce development system and individuals with disabilities, including individuals who are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability and blindness beneficiaries. Career Services Specialist will have expertise regarding Kansas City and Vicinity Workforce Development board/FEC.


At the direction of the Director of Career Services/Functional Leader of the designated job center, provide guidance to Missouri Job center/Workforce development staff assisting individuals with disabilities seeking employment or career development opportunities, skill development, and job retention assistance to obtain self-sufficiency. Career Services Specialist will work in coordination with Kansas City and Vicinity Workforce to provide the following services:

  • Job Service Center service overviews
  • Career Readiness workshops
  • Disability services overview
  • Case Management services during training and employment for a dedicated caseload
  • Assessments
  • Referrals to external resources/community partners
  • Enrollment in and support for work-based training
  • Job search assistance
  • Provide follow-up services and support to clients enrolled in training services
  • Submit weekly, monthly and quarterly activity reports in a timely and accurate3 manner.
  • Make recommendations to the Full Employment Council for the development and implementation of a reasonable accommodation policy and procedure
  • Develop and implement training on serving customers with disabilities to be provided to new Job employees during the new hire orientation
  • Provide services, guidance, and assistance to job seekers with disabilities leading to increased access and use of services by job seekers with disabilities
  • Provides case management to support, including persons with disabilities for results in training completion and job retention per assigned caseload
  • Function as a member of the Job Center –provides support to customers to maximum use of the readily available assistive technology, thereby improving access to Job Center services


Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation, Psychology, Social Work, or another related field. The degree may be substituted with a high school diploma or GED and five years of work experience in the field. Experience working with persons with disabilities is preferred.


Temperature-controlled office environment. Appropriate business casual attire. May require occasionally walking to other parts of the building where there may be some changes in temperature.

Physical Effort – Light, exerting of up to 30 pounds of force occasionally / frequent exerting of up to 10 pounds of force. May require carrying up to 30 pounds (laptop computer, printer, case files) while working in the community. Requires standing and walking to a considerable degree


Competence – Delivers a competent level of services and best practices to clients and team for the desired result of clients securing employment in a reasonable amount of time. Able to highly perform administrative duties.

Integrity/Dependability – Communicates intentions, ideas, and feelings to the work involved, openly, directly and with tact.

Welcomes openness and honesty, even in difficult situations. Admits mistakes and speaks honestly. Maintains confidentiality and behaves ethically in all situations. Meets commitments, works independently, accepts accountability, stays focused and productive under pressure, and meets attendance requirements.

Decision-Making & Problem Solving – Analyzes situations to get to the root causes of problems. Develops and implements step-by-step solutions to problems, understands the business context in which problem-solving occurs, and develops pragmatic solutions. Is open to and develop new and creative solutions to solve problems quickly and effectively. Is receptive to new ideas from co-workers and supervisors.

Flexibility – Adapts and works effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups. Understands and appreciates different and opposing perspectives on an issue without defensiveness, adapts one’s approach as the requirements of a situation change, and easily accepts changes in one’s own organization or job requirements. Copes well with the unexpected tolerates risk and accepts and accommodates shifting priorities. Recognizes and acts upon present opportunities, and acts quickly and decisively. Pursues improvement opportunities without prompting. Sets and demonstrates high work standards and takes on additional responsibilities as either requested or as personally identified as needed.

Cooperation – Works cooperatively with others, desires to be part of a work group rather than working separately or competitively. Actively contributes to program/agency goals by sharing information, ideas and suggestions. Collaborates ideas and opinions in meetings and with others. Helps prevent and resolve conflicts. Works effectively with other programs/departments as appropriate. Develops positive working relationships and supports decisions made by the work group/program and/or leader/supervisor. Keeps others appropriately informed and acts respectfully of others and their duties to contribute to program/department/agency success and cohesiveness.

*Consumer Satisfaction – Demonstrates an awareness of and sensitivity to client needs. Takes personal responsibility for following through on inquiries and requests. Anticipates client needs, maintains clear communications with clients, and monitors client satisfaction. Corrects problems promptly and un-defensively. Expresses positive views of clients and acts consistently to meet clients’ needs.

*Consumer refers to program participants, customers, referrals, partners, funders, Board members, guests and volunteers.